Board of Directors Reports

Emerging Professional Director’s Report: Using a Resource

By Catherine Ingegneri, Allied ASID

Just a reminder that the ASID Carolinas website has a Job Board (go to Resources/Job Board) where upcoming internship positions and job openings can be listed. After the New Year begins, college juniors will begin seeking summer internship positions and graduating seniors will be seeking employment. Using the Job Board is a win-win situation for both employers and job seekers at all phases of their career paths. 


Awards Chair’s Report: Prepare to Celebrate!

By Fran Smith, ASID
By now, you've received the national ASID emails and calls to action for you to submit members for National and Fellows awards.  These awards recognize members for exemplary achievements in the design community, for having gone above and beyond to create a body of work that demonstrates the Society's belief that “Design Impacts Lives.”

The deadlines vary for each award. You can refer to the website for deadline dates. Duval Acker, from Real Estate by Design, is again managing entry submittals on behalf of our Chapter. You can review the entry criteria at Please reach out, by email, to Duval at or phone 843-693-0690 with any entries you want to suggest.

But what about we, the hometown heroes and heroines of design? What about celebrating and recognizing ourselves for work well done, for contributions or work well respected and loved by our clients, or for projects that were just plain fun or different to work on?

Why yes, we can! The Carolinas Chapter offers you a host of awards to recognize your colleagues, your peers, and even YOU!

The 2019 Carolina Chapter Awards will be presented at the September 2020 meeting, but before that, let’s share the categories, highlights, and some upcoming important dates. I know nobody likes change, except a wet baby, but change we must, so please let me share a few key changes and local awards.

The 2019 Carolina Chapter Awards which require third party nomination are:

  • Carolinas Dora Gray Distinguished Designer Award
  • Education Award
  • Media Award
  • Industry Partner Award

The 2019 Carolina Chapter Award for which you, as an individual, can submit one or more of your own projects is the ASID Carolinas Excellence in Design Award Contest. Some highlights are:

  • Each of the over 20 design categories offer the potential of First Place, Second Place or Honorable Mention level awards.
  • Submittals are blinded and judging is scored and ranked by out-of-chapter ASID members.
  • Each project submitted is judged against the design criteria, not against each other.
  • Winners will be honored at the Excellence in Design Awards Event and featured on the Carolinas Chapter ASID website.

The upcoming submittal date window for the 2019 ASID Carolinas Excellence in Design Award Contest is January 1, 2020, through March 15, 2020. Details around the submittal criteria for both Carolina Chapter Awards nominations and the ASID Carolinas Excellence in Design Award Contest and how to submit will be forthcoming after the holidays, but we wanted you to start thinking now about this year's news and praise worthy projects!

Fran Smith, ASID
Fran Alexander Interior Design
913 Cast Iron Court
Fort Mill, SC 29708