Otto Zenke Student Design Awards

We are proud to present our 2020-21 Otto Zenke Student Design Competition winners! Check out their winning project below!

Each year, this competition asks students to design an awe-inspiring project based on certain criteria for the judges to consider. This award gives both scholars and their programs the opportunity to showcase their creativity, professionalism, and the chance to win scholarship money along with recognition throughout the Carolinas.

Projects submitted must be produced individually and can be Residential, Commercial, or Mixed-use in nature. Group projects are not eligible for submission. The minimum project square footage is 2800 square feet. Evaluation of your design will be based on how creatively and successfully you have accomplished the objectives within the restrictions/criteria for the design.

Any undergraduate student enrolled in an Interior Design or Interior Architecture program in North or South Carolina can enter the contest and be given an award with or without a student ASID membership. If a student is awarded the top award, a matching award will be given to the design program if the school has an active ASID Student Chapter.

Past Award Winners

Based on our award selection criteria, our recent Otto Zenke winners are:


  • Isaac Wood - FIRST PLACE
  • Alyssa Gomes - SECOND PLACE
  • Audrey Amsden - THIRD PLACE
  • Robyn Strong - HONORABLE MENTION


  • Carly Lawing -- FIRST PLACE
  • Appalachian State University -- FIRST PLACE
  • Lauren Makenzie Halford --  SECOND PLACE
  • Naomi Lytle --  THIRD PLACE
  • Morgan Sotto -- HONORABLE MENTION

Congratulations to our 2020-21 Otto Zenke Award Winners

First Place

Naomi Lytle

Appalachian State University 

View Naomi’s project by clicking here.


Second Place

Libby Montgomery

Appalachian State University

View Libby’s project by clicking here.

Third Place

Molly Terra

Appalachian State University 

View Molly’s project by clicking here.

Honorable Mention

Leslie Webb

Appalachian State University

View Leslie’s project by clicking here.



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