Timothy Daly
Acting Sales Manager, JANUS et Cie Showroom  

Timothy Daly is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning the realms of retail management, interior design, and music composition. With a passion for creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, Timothy has navigated a unique career path that has taken him from the vibrant streets of New York City to the sunny shores of California and beyond.

Timothy's journey began with a foundation in the arts, studying at Castleton State College (now University) in Vermont before transferring to a prestigious conservatory for performing arts in New York City, where he graduated in 1999. Shortly after, he embarked on a dynamic career in retail, starting at the renowned Moss store in NYC under the mentorship of Murray Moss himself. Rising through the ranks, Timothy's exceptional talents and leadership abilities quickly propelled him to the position of manager at the Moss store in SoHo, becoming the youngest manager in the store's history at just 26 years old.

Following his success in New York, Timothy was recruited to San Francisco to spearhead the opening of a boutique within the Limn store. However, his journey with Moss was far from over, as he was soon called back to lead the establishment of a store/gallery in Los Angeles. Timothy's resilience and determination shone through as he navigated his resignation of the gallery with grace prior to the economic downturn of 2008.

During a period of transition, Timothy found solace and inspiration in his other passion: music. As a talented songwriter, he dedicated himself to his craft, creating music that resonated with audiences on a deeply emotional level. However, his entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him back to the world of design, where he joined Kneedler-Fauchère in Los Angeles as an Inside Salesperson in 2010.

In 2015, Timothy faced a new chapter in his life when his partner's mother fell ill, prompting a move to Georgia. It was during this time of change that Timothy's expertise and leadership were once again recognized, as he was offered the role of Sales Manager at JANUS et Cie. Over the years, he has continued to excel in his role, earning a promotion to Showroom Manager in 2017.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Timothy remains deeply connected to his artistic roots, finding inspiration in the intersection of design, music, and creativity. With a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation, Timothy Daly brings a unique perspective to every project he undertakes, enriching the world with his creativity and vision.