Member Spotlight: Suzanna Lawler

There are some amazing people who make up our chapter.  In an effort to highlight these individuals and their accomplishments, we are featuring member profiles on the ASID Carolinas website and in the monthly newsletter.

For the month of December, we are spotlighting Suzanna Lawler of Lawler Design Studio, Inc.  Browse this page to learn more about this accomplished interior designer. 

General Information

Name: Suzanna Lawler, ASID 
Title/Postion: President 
Company: Lawler Design Studio, Inc 
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

ASID Carolinas Information

Have you held any leadership positions with ASID Carolinas?? If so, in what capacity?

I have not. I was President of ASID Florida North, after serving on the board as membership chair, and design community coordinator for three years for the city of Orlando.

What event of ASID’s have you enjoyed the most and why?

I really enjoyed the national leadership conferences that I’ve been privileged to attend. It was great to see first-hand the scale, impact, professionalism, and collective talent that ASID embodies. The people are just wonderful!

What do you gain most out of your ASID membership?

The instant validation as a dedicated member of the design community when being qualified by architects, clients, builders, and industry partners. Plus, it goes without saying, I have acquired many wonderful professional colleagues in the process. 

If you could give advice to any student coming into the design industry, what would that be?

Listen well. Be professional and classy. Learn to be proactive and take given tasks as you can, but know when to check in for direction. Be a constant student of design and be on purpose about building your mental repertoire of design elements.

Favorite project you’ve worked on?

We completed a four-year project in Florida a few years ago. The family has a lifetime collection of special reminders of a life well-lived. Relics included a menu from the father’s first job in high school, Faberge egg purchased while on vacation, military artifacts from grandparents in all major wars, and an art collection from world travels. Each room was themed after somewhere the couple had either lived or visited frequently. There’s a Scotland room, France room, California room, Seychelles room, and the list goes on. I really enjoy the challenge of working in all of these unique pieces.

Favorite Project Photos