Student Mentors Needed

By Susan Guest, ASID Carolinas Communications Committee Chair

I'm sure you're aware that interior design programs are facing difficulties right now obtaining internships for their students. In one particular instance, Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, has a cohort of students currently enrolled in their Professional Work Experience class, where the primary student learning objective is to participate in an internship with a design practitioner. Unfortunately, with the national quarantine in place, most interior design practitioners do not require interns at this time. To meet the student learning outcomes and objectives of the class, however, the college is allowing students to find their own mentors.

Candidates for interior design mentors should be practitioners who are willing to provide guidance and feedback to students who are developing a design project. The scope and type of project would be agreed upon between the student and the mentor. The hope here is that the collaborative relationship between the student and the mentor, and the external feedback provided by the mentor would give the students comparable experiences to an immersive internship.

If you are interested in serving as an interior design mentor or have any questions about becoming a mentor, please contact Kayla LaChance at 828.442.2402 or