The Value of ASID Membership

By Margot Olson, ASID, ASID Carolinas President

Last month I wrote a brief note on the value of your ASID Membership. I mentioned the value of having those four letters after your name and the value of the relationships you develop. Plus, I urged you to read your upcoming issue of ICON, a professional publication full of inspiring articles with you, the highly professional interior designer, as its specific audience.

This month, in my Message from the President, I mentioned both the professional and social value of attending our many functions. ASID Carolinas members benefit from both local and centralized opportunities to participate. The Design Community Director and Regional Chairs and our Professional Development Director spend much of their volunteer time setting up meaningful events that welcome both our members and their guests. Our Design Community and Communications Directors, along with their committee chairs, are diligent in sending out announcements of ASID Carolinas events.

Taking advantage of our events requires effort but the outcome is well worth the investment and adds value to your ASID membership.