Past Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 Chapter Recognition Award Recipients! 

Media Award

Kathryn Greeley, ASID
Kathryn Greeley was featured in the ASID Carolinas November newsletter Member Spotlight and described her love of writing and speaking. Nomination and recommendation letters substantiated her outstanding contributions not only to the ASID Carolinas Chapter but to the profession of interior design. 

Says Greeley:

“A bright spot on my design career has been writing a book in 2012 called, The Collected Tabletop. For many years, clients asked me to help with parties and my husband and I love to entertain. The book contains twelve events that are either at our home, Chestnut Cottage, our lake home, or in client homes. My passion for cooking, gardening, flower arranging and collecting are the focus of the book. I have enjoyed speaking on the book at art and antique events all over the country, including an ASID event. I am looking forward to doing a holiday event with Victoria magazine in November in Asheville, NC. I will be speaking on my book, as well as doing three holiday tables.”

Industry Partner Award

Susan Inglis
Nomination and recommendation letters substantiate the outstanding contributions Susan Inglis has made not only to the ASID Carolinas Chapter but to the Home Furnishings industry as well. 

The website for the Sustainable Furnishings Council describes Susan as follows:

“Susan Inglis is Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, and resident expert with the organization she helped found in 2006. She has led SFC to work with industry leaders to establish criteria to gauge the sustainability of furniture products and practices; develop programs for educating all sectors of the industry; and attract hundreds of companies to membership. Inglis is also founder and owner of From the Mountain, a company that imports hand spun cashmere yarn from Afghanistan, providing safe income for over 100 women there. Inglis serves on the Board of the American Sustainable Business Council and was awarded a 2017 Visionary Leadership award by the NC Business Council. She lives in North Carolina.”

Educator Award

Gisele Taylor Wells
Margot Olson, 2019-2020 President of ASID Carolinas, stated the following of Giselle Taylor Wells:

“I have recently gotten to know Gisele in her role of President-Elect for ASID Carolinas. Gisele and I share our career focus, both as interior design educators. We often talk about teaching and learning. Nomination and recommendation letters substantiated her outstanding contributions not only to the ASID Carolinas Chapter but to the education of future interior design professionals.

Gisele embodies the full meaning of health, safety, and well-being within the context of living, working, and playing in the built-environment. During our plans for our Spring Conference, where we focused parallel sessions on both practitioner and student needs, she suggested numerous strategies for engaging students. Further, Gisele and her students were part of a field test of a day-long seminar in High Point for students on ‘how to shop showrooms and order merchandise.’ Gisele and I have discussed the challenges faced by educators today as we must shift our teaching emphasis from personal interaction to virtual class meetings. Gisele often mentions strategies of instructional delivery that are far more complex and effective than the mere presence of having a teacher who simply talks via a digital link.”

Previous Year’s Winners

Chapter Award

2018 – Susan Carson
2017 – Jane Jilich
2016 – Emily Walser
2014 – Agnes Willcox
2014 – Emily Walser
2013 – Nicole Norris
2010 – Tim Schelfe

Dora Gray Award

2018 – Tim Schelfe
2016 – Emmy Williams
2015 – Cameron Wilson
2014 – Nicole Norris
2013 – Joni Vanderslice
2009 – Duval Acker

Education Award

2020 – Gisele Taylor Wells
2016 – Jane T Jilich
2015 – Ruth Beals
2015 – Dr. Jane Nichols
2014 – Dr. Ellen Goode
2014 – Anne Martin
2013 – Judith Brinks-Berry
2013 – Madge Megliola
2013 – Dr. Carolyn Turner Smith
2010 – Rebecca Sweet

IP Chapter Award

2020 – Susan Inglis (Sustainable Furnishings Council) 
2019 – Sherwin-Williams
2017 – Shane Jones (Sherwin Williams)       
2016 – Shane Jones (Sherwin Williams)            
2015 – Tessa Jones (PPG); Cosentino
2014 – Hansgrohe; Legrand

Media Award

2020 – Kathryn Greeley
2018 – Gaye Tapp
2017 – Joni Vanderslice
2016 – Megan Parks
2016 – Michael Enscore
2015 – Traci Zeller
2015 – Lisa Mende
2014 – Laura Holland
2009 – Timothy A. Barkley

Presidential Citations

2020 – Ed Starr; Susan Guest; Fran Smith; Isabelle Odjaghian; Sandy Hower
2019 – Olivia Leyland; Emily Conn; Emmy Williams; Susan Carson; Nicole Maltarp 
2018 – Shane Jones; Jennifer Mendelsohn; Nicole Maltarp; Dallas Till; Emily Conn; Nicole Long
2017 – Margaret Donaldson; Sheri Chambers; Emmy Williams; Melissa Klingberg; Susan Carson
2013 – Rebecca Compton